MyZone at Active4less Burnham

What is the MyZone?

MYZONE is an accurate heart rate monitoring system that lets your members compete together and track exactly how hard they’re working.

MyZone Efford Points:

Why MEPS? The MEP system is used to achieve a level playing field among the MYZONE community. Heart rate zones reflect the effort the user is applying, regardless of age or fitness levels. The MEP system makes “time x intensity = effort” easy to understand, while measuring the most important aspect of exercise: intensity.C

Challenge, share, compare:

With built-in leaderboards, status rankings, and social integration, MyZone is easy to show off your progress. Meet World Health Organization standards every month to rank up and pass your friends.

Hour of Power

MyZone tile to track your heart rate

Hour of Power Fitness Class

The MyZone Belt


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