Active4less Burnham F.A.Q's

Q: How do I book my induction with active4less?

A: When you join the club, you will be able to book an initial induction/programme with reception. Please just call or book when you visit the club. Your induction/programme will take half an hour.

Q. £23.95 per month is much lower than any other gym in the area, what is the catch?

A. There actually is no catch!

Q. What is the joining fee for?

A. The joining fee is a 'one off' initial charge to cover the cost of your induction and our admin set up costs.

Q. What is a club enhancement fee?

A. Once a year on the 1st October, we charge a club enhancement fee of £17 to every member. This money is invested in improvements to the club each October. This ensures that you, the member, continue to benefit from a well maintained, superbly equipped facility.

Q. Do you really offer a no quibble, money back guarantee?

A. Yes we do. We are so confident that you will see the value we are offering, that if after 7 days you don't like the club, we will repay you your first £19.95 payment.

Q. What does 'no contract' mean?

A. You are not contractually tied to us for any specified period of time, you can cancel at any time.

Q. Can I come and have a look at the club before joining?

A. You are welcome to pop down for a look around at any time during our opening hours and and you don't need an appointment.

Q. If I sign up today, when can I start training?

A. Confirmation of your membership will be sent to your email address and the club simultaneously. You are then a member and can use the club the same day.

Q. Will I be issued with a membership card?

A. On your first visit to the club, you will be issued with a membership card and your picture will be taken. Please bring your card to the club on every visit and swipe in.

Q. Will I be shown how to use the equipment?

A. Yes, we provide a free 1 hour induction in which we will show you how to operate the equipment, should you require this. This can be booked online in the member zone or at the club reception.

Q. Are there changing facilities at the club?

A. Yes, we provide showers, lockers and toilets.

Q. Does the facility have a pool?

A. At this price there are some things we just can't offer! At most clubs only a very small proportion of members actually use the pool, but all members end up paying for it in higher gym fees.

Q. Are studio classes included in my £23.95 monthly fee?

A. Classes are included in our Premier membership for just £27.95

Q. Are there a good range of classes on the programme?

A. We feel we offer a great fitness class programme, certainly as good as most other clubs, but don't just take our word for it, check out the timetable tab on the website home page.

Q. Is personal training available?

A. We have several very qualified personal trainers at the club, who offer a range of one-to-one and group sessions. Check out their profiles on the website, or come and meet them at the club.

Q. Is the website secure?

A. Yes, the signup section of the website is secure, and any details entered will be encrypted before being sent to the server.

Q. Are their any student or group discounts?

A. We know that our fees are the best value available and hence there is no negotiation. To keep the membership costs low we must keep things simple!

Q. Can I bring guests to the club?

A. Yes, you are welcome to bring guests to the club. They will need to pay a £7 guest fee to use a class (must be pre-booked) and £10 to use both the gym and classes.


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