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Thursday 25th April
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Circuit Training


Circuit training is an excellent way to improve mobility, strength and stamina. The circuit training comprises of 6 to 10 strength exercises that are completed one exercise after another. Each exercise is performed for a specified number of repetitions or for a set time before moving on to the next exercise. The exercises within each circuit are separated by a short rest period, and each circuit is separated by a longer rest period. The total number of circuits performed during a training session may vary from two to six depending on your training level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), your period of training (preparation or competition) and your training objective. Advantages of circuit training are: Develops strength and endurance Appropriate form of training for most sports Can be adjusted to suit age, fitness and health of participant Exercises are simple enough to make each person feel a sense of achievement in completing them A wide range of exercises to select from which will maintain the participant’s enthusiasm
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