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Burnham's Most Convenient and Friendly Fitness Club and Gym Active4Less is based in Burnham, Buckinghamshire and is the best value for money club in the UK. Our memberships are fully inclusive of the gym and fitness classes for just £19.95 a month. Come try us for FREE and see why Active4Less is the areas best gym, health club and fitness centre. Whether you work or live near by, we are the perfect choice for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. The friendly and welcoming team and members at Active4Less Burnham give you fitness, nutrition and weight loss support in a fun, social and relaxed environment. You won't believe how easily you will find it to bring fitness and healthy living into your busy schedule! We are conveniently located on the First Floor at the Burnham Football Club, Wymers Wood Road, Burnham, not far from the centre of the town. Click here for directions.

Come try us for FREE. The best way to judge whether a gym has the atmosphere, convenience and feel you want is to experience it.

Visit us today to discover a team that really cares about your results. The Team, Active4Less Health & Fitness Club

Gym Memberships Burnham

We look forward to welcoming you to our fitness club in Burnham regardless of fitness levels or past experience

We offer over 60 fantastic Fitness Classes in Burnham including; Spin, TRX, Aerobics, Hips Bums Tums, Zumba, Hour of Power, Kettlebells, Circuits, Pump & Toned & many more!

Our qualified instructors and Personal Trainers in Burnham can help you to achieve the results you desire. Visit us today to discover a team that really cares about your results.

Feel free to come down and visit us anytime to have a look at our facilties. The Team, Active4Less Gym & Fitness Club, Burnham.

Fitness Classes in Burnham

Information on some of our great fitness classes can be found below. More information on days and times can be found on our fitness class timetable.

tribe fitness class stevenage

50 minutes | Intensity - Beginner

Hips, Bums & Tums

Our hips, bums and tums classes in Burnham are a great way to get fit while tageting them key area's - hips, bums and tummy's.


body blits class stevenage

1 Hour | Intensity - Beginner

Zumba Fitness Classes

Zumba fitness classes are a great aerobic workout using movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed to Latin American dance music.

hour of power fitness class

1 Hour | Intensity - Intimediate

Hour of Power

Hour of Power. is a fitness class that combines the breathing of Yoga, the core development of Pilates, high-energy fat-burning and the muscle conditioning of resistance-training.


insanity fitness class stevenage

1 Hour | Intensity - Advanced

Insanity Fitness Class

Our Insanity fitness classes in Burnham are a high-intesity impact classs that burns up to 1,000 calories in just 45 mins. Insanity uses maximum-intensity interval training for fast effective resuls. This class is not for the faint-hearted.

boxing class stevenage

1 Hour | Intensity - Beginner


Pilates is a great class to strengthen the body, in particular the core area. Pilates generally helps fitness and wellbeing.

trx fitness class stevenage

1 Hour | Intensity - Intimediate

Studio Cycling

Studio Cycling classes are a great way to burn calories in a fun, grouped environment. This class is prodominately aimed at increasing fitness level and burning calories.


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